"In thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you."

—Incentive Marketing Association

"Conor was awesome at our presentation. He provided a great presentation; provided great business tips with great humor and worked overtime to customize to our needs and and our audience. Fantastic and definitely worth having with us."


"We don't often invite speakers back for two years in a row...They gave you THE highest ratings of all the speakers."

—Centaur Conferences, UK

The following screenshot is from a recent Google search I did for – – Humorous Motivational Speaker Chicago — FIVE of the top six organic results reference me – Conor Cunneen, IrishmanSpeaks – or my online activity. I do not claim to be an SEO guru, but I get results (i.e. keynote speaker bookings) from my activity and in fact when the economy was in turmoil, it was my online activity that helped me keep my head above water. In this presentation I show you what I do to get found by my target audience.


Search result for “Humorous Motivational Speaker Chicago”

Humorous Motivational Speaker Chicago


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How Google, SEO, YouTube and Digital Marketing Saved My Skin!

How Google, SEO and YouTube can GROW your Business – Inexpensively!

Video Marketing for Small Business

I am a Motivational Humorous Business & Marketing Speaker to Associations, Corporations, Healthcare and Non-Profits.

I get consistent business from Google search.
Because I appear more than once on page one when people from specific segments search for my skill set.

For instance as a two-time cancer survivor, I often get business because clients Google for terms like “Humorous motivational speaker oncology.” Google it. See what comes up!

Google “Customer Service Speaker Medical Dental Practice” and you will see why I get business in that sector.

In this down to earth program on Google, SEO and Digital Marketing, I will show you:

How you can get found by potential customers that you never knew existed.

How one simple video can be repurposed numerous times.

How you can consistently get on Google page 1 for your specific services without spending a penny on advertising

How you can create visible personal branding and business brand awareness inexpensively

This program is perfect for Small Business Marketing, Small Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, SBA entities.

During the recent downturn, when business was “challenging,” Chicago-based Irishman Conor Cunneen could have spent his time crying into his pint of Guinness wondering where his speaking business was gone. Instead, he spent time understanding how to grow his business through YouTube and Search Engine Optimization (OK, in those years, ‘Grow’ might be an exaggeration, but he did keep his head above water, thanks to Google).

In this vibrant and informative education program you will learn simple implementable concepts to help you get found online when someone is looking for a product or service similar to what you are providing. The good news is the investment requires only time, not money.

SEE Conor Cunneen “Humorous Motivational Speaker Chicago” in action


“I have never heard a speaker with the double whammy combination of humor and substance which I heard from you today.”

LAUGH and LEARN about how to CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE even when stopped by Illinois’ finest!


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