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Today’s Evocative Word from Mark Twain: CALLOW


How Mark Twain Used Today’s Evocative Word – CALLOW – to get ’em evocating!

Source: Mark Twain speech delivered at a dinner given by the publishers of The Atlantic Monthly in honor of the seventieth anniversary of the birth of John Greenleaf Whittier, at the Hotel Brunswick, Boston, December 17, 1877.


“This is an occasion peculiarly meet for the digging up of pleasant reminiscences concerning literary folk; therefore I will drop lightly into history myself. Standing here on the shore of the Atlantic and contemplating certain of its largest literary billows, I am reminded of a thing which happened to me thirteen years ago, when I had just succeeded in stirring up a little Nevadian literary puddle myself, whose spume-flakes were beginning to blow thinly California-ward. I started an inspection tramp through the southern mines of California. I was CALLOW and conceited, and I resolved to try the virtue of my ‘nom de guerre’.”


 Above is an excerpt from possibly the most dramatic speaking event in the great humorist’s lengthy career. This was the night when Mark Twain BOMBED. “When I sat down it was with a heart which had long ceased to beat. I shall never be as dead again as I was then,” he wrote. 


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