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Proposed Program

Employee Engagement through the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior)


 Hi, Crystal,

Great chatting with you yesterday and Kudos to you and your leadership for this initiative.  As promised, the following videos provide a good outline of the program content and how you can generate even better Employee Engagement through the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior)

Preparation for the program would involve further discussion with you to understand particular challenges or areas you would like me to address. My objective is to provide customized content that will have Thumbies personnel leaving with a Smile on the face, a Spring in the step AND memorable, actionable takeaways to enhance employee development – both at work and at home.

Phone me anytime at 630 661 1220 for a further chat.


What the heck is The Gift of GAB?

A brief explanation




Employee Engagement Tips that work: Compliment

This is one of FIVE Employee Engagement Tips that spell the acronym CHAPS



Crystal, as follow up, I would be happy to provide five short videos that could be dripped out to personnel over a period to reinforce the key messages of The Gift of GAB.


Your Attitude IS a Choice

OK, this video is from my “Yute” – kind of, but it showcases a powerful message that I present to every audience.

Behavior Creates Brand

Here I highlight the THREE words / attributes you would like co-workers to say about you


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What They Say!

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