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A mildly happy Conor Cunneen is presented with Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year award at the annual Chicago Toastmasters Conference.

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CONTACT Conor Cunneen today by email or PHONE 630 718 1643 to chat with this Chicago based Irishman with a brogue that “would charm the mane of a donkey” and who will Energize, Entertain and Educate your audience.



Rave Testimonials show Conor Cunneen keeps his E4 Brand Promise:

Energize, Educate, Entertain and Easy to Work with



SEE on Conor’s YouTube Channel why satisfied event planners say the following about this Motivational Humorous Business Speaker with a true Gift of GAB

“In my close to thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you.”     Incentive Marketing Association   “As the person who coordinates all of our speakers year after year, I want to tell you that you offered a very welcome breath of fresh air in booking and executing our keynote speech. Getting information from you was easy, you followed through on your commitments every time and you were an inspiration to our customers.” Major Insurance Corporation

“I have never heard a speaker with the double whammy combination of humor and substance which I heard from you today”. MHM

“Sound business practices wrapped in Irish wit. Conor Cunneen’s delivery may be from the Emerald Isle but his message is as practical in today’s business environment as if delivered from Wall Street itself (just a lot less stuffy!). We want to hear more!”  Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

“Our objective was a substantive business message but with an injection of humor. Conor hit the perfect balance to ensure a lasting memory” Abbott



THE Motivational Business and Humorous Speaker

“Working with Conor Cunneen has been a pleasure both for our company and our clients. Conor is a great speaker who obviously knows the importance of a good and well planned speech according to the wishes of our clients.”

SpeakersForum, Finland.

“Conor was the perfect closing keynote speaker for our conference in Málaga, Spain. Frequently very funny, sometimes irreverent, but always with a serious message, he kept our delegates well entertained. His quirky take, even on mundane matters such as leaving your room before checking out of a hotel, showed us a completely different perspective, and many of us were dancing on mushrooms the next morning as we left the hotel. As our delegates put it,   – Fantastic! – Very clever and certainly got message across – Excellent speaker – Fabulous! – compelling, entertaining and memorable” Site Europe

“The fact that you take the time to research the market and our delegate needs prior to preparing your presentation was much appreciated” – Marketing Week UK                                                                                                                                                                                ” You did a terrific job at the conference on Tuesday. …I just wanted you to know you were the outstanding speaker on the day – and received rave reviews. Some of the comments received back on the questionnaire in regard to your presentation were:”   ‘Worth attending for this alone’   ‘Easy to listen to/ motivational, interesting’   ‘Excellent presentation and delivery’ /   ‘Interesting and inspirational- thought provoking’ Brands in Foodservice conference, London

“We don’t often invite speakers back for two years in a row… They gave you THE highest ratings of all the speakers. Bravo!”  Centaur Conferences, UK




Irishman Conor Cunneen is a Chicago based humorous keynote speaker and motivational humorist who has been referenced as, “Mark Twain with a brogue,” “James Joyce meets Tom Peters” and as an “Irish Dilbert.” Conor presents complelling business and life Substance with Humor.

As a humorous keynote speaker, Conor weaves large dollops of Irish blarney through serious business messages to provide memorable presentations. If you are seeking a “Keynote speaker cancer,” Conor is the right man for your event. He is a keynote speaker who has had two bouts of cancer resulting in a thyroidectomy and a prostatectomy. Conor now says he has a unique Irish condition of “there’s not much left-of-me.” He has developed a memorable keynote geared to the cancer and cancer treating community titled “It’s just a flesh wound.” Prior to his prostatectomy, Conor purchased a pair of Monty Python pajamas bearing the legend “It’s just a flesh wound.” Yes, if you are seeking a “keynote speaker cancer,” Chicago based humorous keynote speaker Conor Cunneen is the man for you. Phone Conor at 630 718 1643


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The Humorous Motivational Business Speaker for your next event  IrishmanSpeaks


Conor recently became only the 63rd person in the history of Toastmasters International to receive ACCREDITED SPEAKER designation. Conor’s final presentation to receive this coveted designation was titled Pillars of Marketing Wisdom




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