SHEIFGAB – It’s a Confidence Thing


Finbarr moved his hand through a mop of red hair, still damp after the shower. He eyed the resumes on the kitchen table, remembering the job seekers he met two days previously. His American host and cousin, Jake Boyd, looked encouragingly at him, “You ready to rock there, Finbarr?”
“I think so. A bit nervous though. I sometimes think I should keep my big mouth shut. If I had not attended that job club on Monday I wouldn’t have this presentation today. It’s funny, isn’t it? No matter how competent a person is, there is always a sense of apprehension when entering a new environment.”
Scheduled to spend four weeks in the United States researching his book on the transition process—a topic dear to his heart and one he often spoke on in Ireland–the Irishman had agreed to present his program to a number of job seekers.
“Finbarr, you are an amazing specimen!” Jake responded. “You really are. You present a short piece on how to stay sane, motivated and productive in job search and they love it. They ask you to do a longer version and you wonder…. you wonder if it will fly? For crying out loud, you are the person who proclaims you have to SHEIFGAB the World; you’re the guy who says, ‘You’ve got to Do It’ and you’re the guy who says, ‘You’ve got to Make It Happen’ in this transition process.”
“That’s right. That’s right, I do,” he said, a large grin illuminating his freckled face.
“Here, give me a look at that sheet again.”
Jake grabbed the one-page handout;
SHEIFGAB the World: Staying Sane, Motivated and Productive in Job Search.
“So SHEIFGAB is an acronym for these 8 building blocks? And I pronounce it like ‘Sheaf’ as in ‘Sheaf of wheat.’ ”
“That’s right! That’s right! Structure, Help, Environment, Improve, Family, Goals, Attitude and Behavior. Every one of these building blocks will help the job seeker become more productive and engaged during the transition process and when that happens, he or she can walk into the interview room twelve-feet tall AND Bulletproof.”
“Twelve-feet tall and Bulletproof! That will impress any recruiter. It’s a confidence thing, isn’t it? That’s good stuff, Finbarr.”


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