Job transition is designed to do your head in.


“Thanks, Jake. Yes, it is a confidence thing. Transition is a mind game. Whether it is Chicago or Cork, Denver or Dublin, this concept, the SHEIFGAB concept works. The job seeker is the same all over the world, experiencing the same emotions.”
“Like what?”
“Job loss, job transition—it really hurts people, Jake. I could see it at Monday’s meeting. The ideas and concepts are the same the world over. Frustration, pain, anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, sometimes self-pity. You know, ‘Why did it happen to me?’ kind of thing. Job transition is designed to do your head in. Think about it.
“Everyone attending this morning’s meeting has had on-the-job training and trained for paid employment. But none of them received any training for job search and none of them, NOT ONE, had the slightest idea of the emotional rollercoaster they would experience during the transition process. It hurts people, Jake, and it hurts their family and it hurts their friends, so that’s why Jake, that’s why they have to SHEIFGAB the World, to Do It and to Make It Happen.”
“Does SHEIFGAB mean anything?”
“It’s an Irish word for ‘Do It’ and ‘Make It Happen.’ ”
“Jake! That you would doubt me! I’m shocked. Well, it’s kind of an Irish word. I mean, it’s been created by an Irishman.”
“Who? You?”
“That’s right. That’s right. So that makes it an Irish word and it allows me to say to job seekers – ‘SHEIFGAB the World, Do It and Make It Happen,’ and they will.”
“And I think they will, Finbarr. You will have them jumping and dancing higher than Michael Flatley at a Riverdance performance.


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