Job Seekers! Follow up – Always Follow up

Follow up – Always Follow up
Finbarr moved to the door, and then paused. “Jake, you said there was only one occasion you didn’t make a follow-up call. How come you remember that?”
“You would ask! I sent a proposal to a potential client. In a follow up phone call, she told me to follow up, but she was really cool, standoffish even. So I let it slide. I bumped into that woman at a networking event months later. She was very nice, which surprised me, and told me she had been expecting another call from me. When it didn’t happen, she gave the business to a competitor. The reason she was cranky the day I phoned was because her husband had filed divorce papers. Pretty good reason I suppose, but I lost a sixty-grand contract because I didn’t follow up properly. Maybe you should tell your job seekers that. Always follow up. It pays off.”
“I’ll tell them that, Jake. Is there a little story there?”
“You would ask! We dated for a few months after that conversation. That time I did follow up. Tell your job seekers that, Finbarr. Always follow up. Now get out of here.”
“I will Jake. I will. What is it you Yanks say? ‘Have a nice day.’ ”
“And Top o’ the morning to you, Finbarr.”
As Finbarr opened his car door, Jake called out to him.
“Hey, Finbarr.”
“SHEIFGAB the World, man. Do It, Make It Happen. And tell them to follow up. ALWAYS follow up.”
Finbarr nodded. Always follow up. Jake is right. Always follow up.


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