All Black Sonny Bill Williams Proves Behavior Creates Your Personal Brand

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Written by Conor Cunneen

Published November 2, 2015

Sonny Bill Williams at 6’ 4” and 238 lbs is a brute of a man. He is a heavyweight boxer and as of last Saturday a member of the triumphant All Blacks (New Zealand) World Cup rugby team. He is also it seems a genuinely good guy.

When 14 year old Charlie Lines attempted to join his World Cup heroes as they did their lap of honor at Twickenham on Saturday, the young kid was unceremoniously dumped by a security steward. What happened next is simply wonderful and proof positive that your Behavior Creates Your Brand.

Ah, He’s Just a Big Softie!

After watching that video, you’re probably thinking this guy is really just a softie! Well, think away, my friends, but this video demonstrates his ability to dish it out. The guy is a beast on the rugby field.


Laugh and Learn at how your Behavior Creates Your Personal Brand

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