"Conor, in thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you."

—Incentive Marketing Association

"Conor was awesome at our presentation. He provided a great presentation; provided great business tips with great humor and worked overtime to customize to our needs and and our audience. Fantastic and definitely worth having with us."


"We don't often invite speakers back for two years in a row...They gave you THE highest ratings of all the speakers."

—Centaur Conferences, UK

Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks

Humorous Professional Emcee & Master of Ceremonies

“Serving as the emcee of an awards banquet is not easy, but Conor was able to liven up the crowd, get everyone to laugh, told great stories, and kept it professional to honor the award winners. We would recommend Conor with full confidence!” – SIMA

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10 Tips for Professional, Humorous, Successful Emcee / Host / Master of Ceremonies

Author: IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen – your perfect resource when you are seeking a professional humorous emcee and master of ceremonies.

Whether you are working as a virtual emcee / on-site host or as a virtual master of ceremonies, you need to remember one thing.

The job of the emcee is akin to axle grease, making sure everything moves smoothly. No matter how clever or funny you are, you are NOT the star of the show. However, unless the “grease” works well, nothing happens.

Here are a few simple but very important tips to ensure success as professional, humorous, virtual emcee.

  1. Do your homework. Even if clients provide an outline script for you to work with, research the company and speakers

  2. Develop interesting little nuggets of information about each speaker which you can reference before or after they have presented

  3. Read the speaker introduction as presented to you. If you are not happy with it, discuss with speaker before you make changes

  4. Anything you plan to read — Read it out loud to yourself before the event. You may find some of the words / phrasing are not easy to articulate / enunciate. Check that you know how to pronounce each presenters name

  5. Write your humorous spontaneous quips before hand!! Yup, you can do this, if you have done your homework

  6. As a virtual emcee / moderator, you can help ensure the audience stays engaged. Create some easy to answer questions for audience to drop into chat box e.g. “Where are you zooming in from?”

  7. Assuming client is in agreement, ask some (again easy to answer) polling questions to maintain audience engagement

  8. After speaker has finished, reference one key point from their presentation – succinctly – and ask audience to give the speaker a virtual high five / thumbs up etc.

  9. Have good lighting. Remember, if daylight is coming through that window behind the camera, the lighting will differ depending on time of day

  10. If planning to use screen share (and don’t have a producer) just screen share, don’t tell ‘em “I’m going to share my screen now.”

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Being a professional, humorous, engaging virtual emcee or presenter takes time and effort. I find that I spend much more time preparing for an engagement as an online facilitator / emcee than when preparing a good keynote. The bare bones of my keynote are always there to which customization is required. However, ensuring success as a virtual host / MC takes significant effort / writing and research to make sure your client leaves you with a testimonial that says “Awesome job as virtual emcee for our online convention. We’ll have you back next year as our on-site master of ceremonies.”

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IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen is an acclaimed virtual emcee and moderator whose mission to leave his client with smile on the face, a spring in the step and the knowledge they picked a truly professional virtual master of ceremonies and host.

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Humorous Professional Virtual emcee master of ceremonies




Virtual Online Emcee and Facilitator Conor Cunneen likes to have fun with his audience


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