"In thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you."

—Incentive Marketing Association

"Conor was awesome at our presentation. He provided a great presentation; provided great business tips with great humor and worked overtime to customize to our needs and and our audience. Fantastic and definitely worth having with us."


"We don't often invite speakers back for two years in a row...They gave you THE highest ratings of all the speakers."

—Centaur Conferences, UK

– Humorous Motivational Speaker for Manufacturing Conference!

Chicago based IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen


Chemical Coaters Association International writes

Conor, you outdid yourself! The first time you spoke at one of our association meetings, you got a great response from our members. Believe it or not, your reviews this time were even better! You were the highlight of this year’s Annual Meeting and we will certainly call on you again to share your insights and sense of humor with our members. Thanks so much!” 

Phone IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen at 630 661 1220 where you can confirm the brogue is real and the content is really good!




ROAD CONSTRUCTION Conference Speaker Testimonial


Association of Correctional Foodservice Affiliates – Keynote Speaker

“Conor, I am very happy you were finally able to present to ACFSA. It is not easy for an outsider to present effective programs to the Corrections community but reaction to your Gift of GAB program has been off the wall. Everyone who attended now knows the power of Goals, Attitude, Behavior. Well done, Irishman!”







Glass Manufacturers Industry Council – Keynote Speaker

“Our board found Conor to be a delightfully entertaining speaker, while delivering valuable information about how we can positively change our interactions with employees and colleagues.  I have little doubt that any other group would find him to be equally engaging and informative.”  

Plumbing Manufacturers International 

A sincere and heartfelt thank you for your wonderful contribution to the PMI Fall conference. Your entertaining and poignant presentation was very well-received by our executives. You hit a home run! And, you should know that you were frequently quoted throughout the rest of the conference! I'm delighted to have had (at last!) the opportunity to work with you. 

Investment Casting Institute Technical Conference (https://www.investmentcasting.org/ )   Promo video sample

 American Bus Association Audience Comments 

  • Great enthusiasm! 

  • Very good speaker. 

  • Not only applicable to business but also personal life. 

  • Exceeded my expectations. 

  • Conor was a fantastic and engaging speaker.  His use of humor make him extremely easy to share with and also for the information to stick. 

  • Very humorous speaker.  Thoroughly enjoyed. 

  • Great, fun and energetic speaker. 

  • Really entertaining speaker! 

  • He kept the presentation interesting and provided key points for success in my life and work.





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