Mark Twain on Religion and Politics

Adding humor to your speech - pondering on it

Written by Conor Cunneen

Published October 29, 2016


Today’s M-TOPP: Mark Twain on Politics and Politicians


Mark Twain on Religion and Politics

Congress don’t know anything about religion. – My Late Senatorial Secretaryship


I have no prejudices in politics, religion, literature, or anything else. – Mark Twain Speeches: Literature Speech, London May 4, 1900


But, indeed, the truth is, almost all the men and women of our nation or of any other get their religion and their politics where they get their astronomy—entirely at second hand. Being untrained, they are no more able to intelligently examine a dogma or a policy than they are to calculate an eclipse. – Christian Science 



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“Whiskey is taken into the committee rooms in demijohns and carried out in demagogues.”




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“When I say I’ll learn (‘Teach’ is not in the river vocabulary) a man the river, I mean it. And you can depend on it, I’ll learn him or kill him.” Life on the Mississippi  – Mark Twain

Utilizing a unique and memorable MARK TWAIN acronym, author Conor Cunneen demonstrates what the Dean of American Humorists learned him bout public speakin !

MARK ——– BEFORE you go on stage

Message preparation

Audience research and knowledge

Relate to audience

Know your objective


Titter and humor wins the audience

Wait – The power of the Pause

Anecdotes connect

Involve, Inform, Inspire your audience

Narration and stagecraft.

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