The Very Impressive Lexi Thompson and Choosing Your Attitude

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Written by Conor Cunneen

Published April 3, 2017

Lexi Thompson and What do I want my Attitude to be?

In his wonderful book, Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl wrote that everything can be taken from a person, except the ability to choose your attitude in even the worst circumstances.

Whether we like it or not, we all hit pot holes and speed bumps and  one person who really hit that pot hole yesterday was Lexi Thompson, and I am sure Viktor Frankl would be proud of her.

The very impressive Lexi Thompson

The young golfer was penalized FOUR strokes for an infraction that occurred the previous day after some “guy eating Cheetos at home” (per @SmylieKaufman10 ) felt obliged to report a perceived infringement.

A cruise to victory was derailed, but Lexi’s response was quite simply wonderful. Although obviously upset, she recovered sufficiently to force a play-off. She lost the playoff but won the admiration of so many with her Attitude including signing autographs for fans at the end of the day. You have to say “Well done, young lady.”

The Question To Ask When Things Go Wrong

When we hit those speed bumps and potholes, the question that will help you, the question that helps me regularly is “What do I want my Attitude to be?”

The question is powerful, because when you ask that question, you are unlikely to say, “I want to be angry, I want to be annoyed, I want to be upset. “

No, when you ask “What do I want my attitude to be?” you are much more likely to respond, “I don’t want to be angry, I don’t want to be upset, I don’t want to be annoyed” and having answered the question that way, you will make some effort not to be angry, not to be annoyed, not to be upset.

“What do I want my attitude to be?”  does work. Even when stopped by Illinois’ finest as the above clip illustrates.

Keep on keepin’ on, good people!

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