"In thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you."

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—Centaur Conferences, UK

The lessons of Sheifgab, if learned and applied, can most certainly change the individual, if not the world. Sheifgab are eight maxims that Mr. Cunneen has you explore through tales of Irish folk-wisdom that will have you “dancing on mushrooms”! We want to hear more!”

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

8 Building Blocks to Improve Teamwork, Engagement and Productivity

Chicago based leadership and productivity speaker, Conor Cunneen tells his audience that SHEIFGAB! is the Irish word for “Do It” or “Make it Happen!” As he will advise during his compelling and powerful keynote or workshop,  that is not exactly correct.
SHEIFGAB! is an Irish word in the sense it was developed by an Irishman. Yes, that’s right – Conor Cunneen. But SHEIFGAB! is a powerful word and a powerful concept that can help change the culture in your organization and ensure that your colleagues and employees “Do it” and “Make it Happen.”


    S = Structure

    H = Help others

    E = Environment you create

    I =  Improve yourself

    F = Family and Friends

    G = Goals

    A = Attitude

    B = Behavior which creates your Brand

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