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Choose Your Attitude!

As a speaker who once relied on Administrative Professionals to keep me someway on the right track, and now as a speaker for Administrative Professionals Day / Week, I often think about what makes the difference in a workplace environment.

As you will see from this short video clip, I truly believe that Attitude is critical in any environment.

This is a fun clip where I had a chat with a Chicago cop! I had to ask myself the question “What do I want my Attitude to be?”

FUN Video: Choose Your Attitude from Motivational Administrative Professionals Day Speaker

Chicago Administrative Professionals Motivational Speaker says:

Complement Your Colleagues

CLICK to SEE Micro-Goal # 2: Hear the words “Thank You”

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Paying it Forward

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Testimonials for Conor Cunneen

Motivational Humorous Speaker Administrative Professionals 

Conor, the evaluations for your program on the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) were fabulous.

Here are just some of the comments.
• Wonderful. Would recommend to anyone.
• The whole world should go through it to learn how to be a better person.
• Loved the potted plant story – brought tears to my eyes.
• He was great
• In depth look into myself instead of looking at others
• Positive, funny and impactful. I can relate to the stories

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More Testimonials for Conor as a Funny Administrative Professionals Motivational Speaker

* Humorous approach to often times difficult situations
• Great Presentation. Loved all of it.
• Lively presenter. Add humor to sensitive topics
• The content of the presentation and Conor’s stories – They were great.
• He was full of energy and had wonderful stories
• Thought-provoking. Fun with great information
• Great Stories to relate to everyday life



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