Humorous Virtual Speaker Nurses Week

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Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks

Searching for a “Humorous Virtual Speaker Nurses Week”? Chicago based IrishmanSpeaks and forever grateful two time cancer survivor, IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen will leave your survivors, caregivers and audience with a smile on the face, a spring in the step AND memorable actionable takeaways to keep on, keepin’ on during good times and bad.

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Association of Registered Nurses, PEI writes about Conor

Conor Cunneen was fantastic when he spoke to our 235 nurses. He nailed it on all levels: Learning, laughter, leadership, and always reminding us to keep the patient at the centre of our care. We were absolutely delighted with this Irishman and his pragmatic approach to life and business. Thank you so much Conor. Thanks to you, 235 nurses are now planning their goals, thinking about what their brand will look like, what their attitudes should be and so much more. You’re the best!!!!! 

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The Ballad of the Humorous Virtual Speaker Nurses Week

So you need a virtual presenter for Zoom

Who doesn’t present like a tomb

You need engagement and laughter

Life lessons for after

To sweep away gloom like a broom

Humorous Virtual Speaker Nurses Week  at Fascin8 2021



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The Ballad of the Humorous Virtual Speaker Nurses Week

Oh, Goody! Another daily zoom meeting  

With everyone, all around,…. seating  

But I promise you’ll smile   

Like you walk down the aisle  

I promise a very nice greeting 

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Winthrop-University Hospital, Mineola, NY writes about this Humorous Virtual Speaker Nurses Week

“Conor we can’t thank you enough for speaking at our Symposium. Everyone loved your presentation- how could they not!!!As nurses we need a little laughter with our Symposium’s. Our lives are too serious. YOU ARE A GREAT OPENER!!!  We always try to add humor whenever we can…..even at work. We try to keep things light if possible, especially when it’s busy. After all, what do we want our attitudes to be…..I heard that somewhere.  We can’t thank you enough for providing the humor that we need.” 

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Phone Chicago-based Conor Cunneen at 630 661 1220 for an invigorating chat.

You’ll find the brogue is real.


In addition to virtual presenter work, Conor also gets rave reviews for his work as a virtual emcee / master of ceremonies


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Phone Chicago-based Conor Cunneen at 630 661 1220 for an invigorating chat.

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Binghamton Hospital NY writes about this engaging virtual keynote speaker for nurses and healthcare

Mr. Conor Cunneen presented the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior), at United Health Services 22nd Annual Oncology Teaching Day. He was without a doubt very entertaining, extremely thought provoking, and subtle but yet direct in moving the attendees to look at their behaviors, and their attitude at work, home and in their daily relationships.  He was EXCELLENT and received rave reviews- from nurses mind you, who are often very stingy with their compliments! I would recommend him very, very highly for your corporate or healthcare event.   

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The Ballad of the Humorous Virtual Keynote Speaker Nursing

It’s hard to find something redeeming  

When attending another zoom meeting  

But you’ll end feeling happy 

With ideas that are snappy 

And life for you will be beaming 

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Edward Hospital – Nurse Evaluations 

Fantastic speaker on the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) – much appreciated and taken to heart to be used when times can be difficult at home and at work. Thank you. I wish more of our staff nurses could experience it. We will have to take the message back.  AND  Mr. Cunneen should definitely come back. If there was a presentation to put in mandatory education – this is it. 


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Humorous Virtual Keynote Speaker Nursing

Chicago-based Conor Cunneen is known to satisfied event planners and clients as IrishmanSpeaks. Born in Co. Cork Ireland, this lyrical and engaging virtual keynote presenter has been working on his Chicago accent for over twenty years. To the delight of his American audiences, he has failed miserably to even pronounce “Da Beers” properly.

As a Humorous Virtual Speaker Nurses Week, Conor’s mission is to improve people, performance and productivity – with a smile. As a two-time cancer survivor, he loves speaking to oncology and cancer groups and gives thanks every day for the great care and attention he received from caregivers while going through both his cancer journeys. As a cancer survivor, Cancer survivorship groups and oncology healthcare professionals are an inspiration to this Irishman.

Conor brings multi-cultural insights to his presentations. He has worked in Ireland, UK and USA in senior sales and marketing positions. He combines this business experience with the wit that won Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year. Thus, you can be sure that this engaging, virtual keynote speaker will leave your attendees with a smile on the face, a spring in the step AND memorable, actionable takeaways to make the workplace just a little better. SEE 10 TIPS FOR VIRTUAL EMCEE


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