Seeking a Humorous Motivational Speaker Cancer Survivorship?

You’ve come to the right spot! Chicago based Conor Cunneen is a two-time cancer survivor who gives thanks every day for the Oncology Healthcare professionals who helped him through his thyroid and prostate cancer. He delights presenting as a humorous motivational speaker cancer survivorship.

“Our cancer survivors and their guests were full of laughter and smiles and Conor helped make our event a huge success. Afterwards, he signed his book, For the Love of Being Irish: From A to Z, and generously took time to speak with all our guests making it the perfect end to a perfect evening.  

Conor Cunneen was a pleasure to work with and I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a speaker. “

Edward Elmhurst

PHONE Conor at 630 661 1220

Humorous Motivational Speaker Cancer Survivorship Out Walking!

Humorous Motivational Speaker Cancer Survivorship

“Conor, we want to thank you again for a wonderful presentation!!! The verbal evaluations were great!!! A hit!!! You are a natural. It was so nice how you met everyone at the tables- I never saw that before, from a speaker. You are truly a pleasure.”

Nurse Educator, NY

Who is this Humorous Motivational Speaker Cancer Survivorship?

Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks here – a two-time (not two-timing!) cancer survivor. I give thanks every day to the great healthcare professionals and oncology nurses who helped me through my prostate and thyroid cancers.

As a Humorous Motivational Cancer Survivorship Speaker. specializing in oncology, cancer, survivorship, and nursing events and conferences, my promise is to leave you with a Smile on the face, a Spring in the step and memorable, actionable takeaways to help you, your fellow cancer and oncology nurses, cancer survivors to Keep On, Keepin’ ON!

Happy clients say I offer a unique blend of humor and motivation that resonates deeply with oncology nurses, healthcare professionals and cancer survivors.

Having faced thyroid and prostate cancer, my humorous keynotes reflect my own personal journey through cancer with a light-hearted approach. I’m lucky enough to be able to weave humor into the narrative of cancer care which hopefully makes me an uplifting presence for healthcare professionals.

Satisfied nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals tell me I bring a unique blend of humor, warmth, and insightful wisdom to every event. My approach, celebrated by oncology institutions like Edward Elmhurst Healthcare and Anne Arundel Medical Center, focuses on enriching the lives of cancer survivors, their families, and healthcare professionals through engaging talks that blend laughter with life-affirming messages.

A Positive Light-hearted Tone for Cancer Survivorship and Oncology Professionals

My talks are not just about laughter; they’re about inspiring resilience and positivity in the face of adversity. One satisfied Nurse Navigator wrote “His story is a testament to the power of humor in healing, making him an invaluable speaker for oncology nurses looking for motivation and a good laugh to lighten their demanding roles.”

My presentation, “The Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitudes, and Behaviors),” not only sets a positive, light-hearted tone but is also structured to leave audiences inspired and uplifted. The feedback from events—whether it’s the joy and camaraderie felt at Cancer Survivors’ Day celebrations or the enthusiastic endorsements from Nurse Educators in New York—underscores my ability to connect deeply with audiences, making every session memorable.

Bringing Smiles, Laughter & Motivation to Nurses and Cancer Survivors 

I simply LOVE presenting to Oncology Nurses and cancer survivors. There is no better feeling than coming off stage having fulfilled my promise to bringing smiles, laughter, and motivation to cancer survivors, caregivers and oncology professionals which is just one of the many reasons I love my job as a Humorous Motivational  Speaker Cancer Survivorship.

Bringing Smiles, Laughter & Motivation to Cancer Survivors, Nurses and Healthcare 

Testimonials suggest I have a knack for making everyone feel seen and heard, I ensure that each presentation resonates on a personal level, to I hope leaving a lasting impact. My commitment to bringing smiles, laughter, and motivation to the challenging journeys faced by those in the oncology and nursing fields will ensure an appropriate Humorous Motivational Speaker Cancer Survivorship for anyone looking to enrich their event with heartfelt humor and genuine inspiration. 

Survivor Comments from Danbury Hospital Connecticut  


  • Excellent speaker. Humor is the best therapy. 

  • His sense of humor is awesome we couldn’t begin to meet this challenge without humor.  He is an excellent speaker & a pleasure to listen to 

  • Great message.  

  • “A” for “attitude”. 

  • He was a great speaker.  Funny and great motivation.  

The Funny Side of Medical Records

Humorous Motivational Speaker Cancer Survivorship on Medical Records

“He was without a doubt very entertaining, extremely thought provoking, and subtle but yet direct in moving the attendees to look at their behaviors, and their attitude at work, home and in their daily relationships. 

He was EXCELLENT and received rave reviews- from nurses mind you, who are often very stingy with their compliments! I would recommend him very, very highly for your corporate or healthcare event.”

Binghamton United Health

More from this Funny Cancer Survivorship Speaker

Humorous Motivational Speaker Cancer Survivorship on prostate cancer biopsy

What they say about this very Funny Two-Time Cancer Survivor Speaker

You had me laughing and crying.” 

Cancer Institute of New Jersey

 Joy and hope, camaraderie and faith, and triumph over adversity was in “Living in Full Bloom” at Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Geaton and Jo Ann DeCesaris Cancer Institute’s Cancer Survivors Day celebration on June 5, 2011. With over 400 cancer survivors, their supporters and medical professionals in the audience, “laughter was the best medicine”. Conor Cunneen through the Gift of GAB, Irish wit, wisdom as a two time cancer survivor and as a gifted inspirational speaker, had them laughing for joy and longing for more.  

We highly recommend Conor to inspire, delight, educate and entertain your organization regardless of the type of audience.  

Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Geaton and Jo Ann DeCesaris Cancer Institute’s Cancer Survivors Day


“Conor, You were an incredible speaker and such a breath of fresh air….just what we needed.It was a sincere pleasure working with you and hope to have the opportunity again in the future.”

Pulse 3 Women’s Healthcare Conference 


cancer survivor speaker prostate thyroid<br />

My wife told me I had to buy a new pair of pajamas when I was going in for my radical prostatectomy. 

I bought a pair of Monty Python PJs with the legend “It’s just a flesh wound.”  I love wearing it when presenting to cancer survivors and oncology professionals.

Yup! I’m semi-nuts!

Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks

Humorous Motivational  Speaker Cancer Survivorship 

I want to thank you very much for providing your excellent presentation at our event on Sunday.    You were a hit with the audience!!    I knew you would be.    Based on the comments and evaluations, our guests felt our program was OUTSTANDING!!!  

Conor was invited as humorous motivational speaker cancer suvivorship for Adventist HealthCare Survivorship Event


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