Humorous Motivational Keynote Speaker

for Kraftsman

A selection of Videos and Testimonials for Lauren and team at Kraftsman



Sales Testimonials

Unsolicited email following presentation to Change Healthcare Sales Team:

Hello Conor. This is Ray Lindsay from Kansas City. I just attended your session on CHAPS Micro goals as part of Mike Mertz’s team. I just wanted to say that was amazing! Very helpful to have a simple gut check reminder on remaining positive and improving your relationships. I plan to make this a permanent lifestyle change.   

Just wanted to tell you it was one of the best sessions I have attended in 30 years of sales. (This was a Zoom presentation!)


Lauren, you can phone me at any stage at 630 661 1220  for a chat or email me at



Snak King writes: 

“I cannot find words for the testimonial. I am not able to adequately put into words how awesome you were when presenting to our sales force.”  


Nemschoff (A division of Herman Miller) writes:  

“Fabulous! Conor, your ability to combine powerful Substance with Humor to our sales conference was—as one of our team stated—”Awesome.”   

The message of Goals, Attitude, Behavior is one that we will remember for a long time. It is a memorable and implementable concept that will help us achieve our challenging goals.   

I also really appreciate the time you took to speak with our team members in preparation for your presentation.”  


Personal Branding Exercise for Sales Professionals


This video is from my “Yute” and when I had a few strands of hair, but I bring this message to all sales presentations

What Do I Want My Attitude To Be?