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IrishmanSpeaks – Conor Cunneen

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Seeking an Engaging, Professional Virtual Master of Ceremonies?

Chicago based IrishmanSpeaks, Conor Cunneen is the epitome of an engaging, humorous, professional Virtual Master of Ceremonies for your next event.

Here’s what American Express writes about Conor’s skills as a professional, humorous MC and Master of Ceremonies.

“Thanks again for your fabulous MC skills!  I was very happy with the program and am so thankful and appreciative of your skills and attention to the details as well.  And – thank you for the balance of humor you added to the program. ”

Conor’s thoughts on working as a virtual-master-of-ceremonies

I have always loved doing MC / Master of ceremonies work. While it is challenging and very time consuming to prepare, the engagement with the audience and speakers is something that gives me a real buzz.

Being a virtual-master-of-ceremonies provides its own challenges. So many people are zoomed out that the virtual-master-of-ceremonies has to work harder than ever to maintain audience engagement