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Your Masterful Engaging Virtual Master of Ceremonies Emcee

Searching for an engaging virtual master of ceremonies emcee”? Chicago based IrishmanSpeaks – Conor Cunneen  (and with a brogue to prove it) will leave your audience with a smile on the face, a spring in the step AND memorable actionable takeaways to keep on, keepin’ on during good times and bad.


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Seeking an Engaging Professional Virtual Master of Ceremonies?

Chicago based IrishmanSpeaks, Conor Cunneen is the epitome of an engaging, humorous, professional Virtual Master of Ceremonies for your next event.

Here’s what American Express writes about Conor’s skills as an  professional, humorous MC and Master of Ceremonies. “Thanks again for your fabulous MC skills!  I was very happy with the program and am so thankful and appreciative of your skills and attention to the details as well.  And – thank you for the balance of humor you added to the program. ”

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Conor’s thoughts on working as a virtual-master-of-ceremonies

I have always loved doing MC / Master of ceremonies work. While it is challenging and very time consuming to prepare, the engagement with the audience and speakers is something that gives me a real buzz. Being a virtual-master-of-ceremonies provides its own challenges. So many people are zoomed out that the virtual-master-of-ceremonies has to work harder than ever to maintain audience engagement  

Why you need engaging-virtual-master-of-ceremonies-emcee for your next event.

We’ve all been there! Using matchsticks to keep our eyelids open while the virtual conference makes War and Peace seem like a movie trailer! The magic ingredient to a successful and engaging Zoom / Teams / Webex virtual event is to have a well prepared, professional humorous virtual presenter. Chicago-based virtual emcee / master of ceremonies, IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen says “I love emcee and master of ceremonies work. It always requires substantial preparation and research, but today, when so many events are via virtual / online events, it brings additional challenges being a successful virtual emcee and moderator. “A good virtual event host or emcee is the ‘grease’ that keeps a meeting moving smoothly. It doesn’t matter what the platform is – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex – the virtual facilitator needs to be fully prepared and rehearsed. “Whether working as emcee on site, or when working as a virtual host, I generally work to an agreed client script to which I add my own material. This means that for instance, I write most of my “off the cuff” quips days in advance!”

IrishmanSpeaks Virtual Master of Ceremonies / Emcee / Facilitator Bio

Conor Cunneen is an Irishman, happily exiled in Chicago where he says the Guinness is good, the natives are friendly and he has been force fed more corned beef and green beer than he ever had in Ireland! Conor is a former VP Marketing, Unilever who has worked in Ireland, UK and USA. His multi-cultural C-Suite experience provides him with the expertise to work as a virtual emcee / host for industries as diverse as Healthcare, manufacturing, financial services  and any organization seeking to run a successful online conference or convention. Conor is especially proud to have received the President’s Gold Medal for volunteer service for the work he does with job seekers. Chicago-based Conor Cunneen is known to satisfied event planners and clients as IrishmanSpeaks. Born in Co. Cork Ireland, this lyrical and engaging virtual keynote presenter has been working on his Chicago accent for over twenty years. To the delight of his American audiences, he has failed miserably to even pronounce “Da Beers” properly.

As a engaging-virtual-master-of-ceremonies-emcee,  Conor’s mission is to improve people, performance and productivity – with a smile. Conor’s clients range from Harley-Davidson to Helsinki, from Memphis to Madrid. As a two-time cancer survivor, he loves speaking to oncology and cancer groups. Cancer survivorship groups and oncology healthcare professionals are an inspiration to this Irishman.

Conor brings multi-cultural insights to his presentations as an engaging-virtual-master-of-ceremonies-emcee. He has worked in Ireland, UK and USA in senior sales and marketing positions. He combines this business experience with the with that won Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year. Thus, you can be sure that this engaging, virtual keynote speaker will leave your attendees with a smile on the face, a spring in the step AND memorable, actionable takeaways to make the workplace just a little better.   SEE Conor speak to Cancer / Oncology survivorship groups

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