Employee Engagement Quotes from Richard Branson


Employees come first.ย If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

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Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they donโ€™t want to

A good leader doesnโ€™t get stuck behind a desk

There’s only one thing that is an absolute certainty in business – we all make mistakes.

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โ€œA great company culture depends on employee engagement and, more importantly, employee health. Supporting your workforce during times of stress by empowering employees, motivating them to prioritise personal wellbeing, and encouraging them to find work-life balance will help ease anxiety and maintain business performance. โ€“ Virgin.com rather than Richard Branson


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Seek engagement through purpose & youโ€™ll create an unbreakable loyal following

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And some more Employee Engagement Quotes from Richard Branson

Create employee or consumer loyalty through engagement that supersedes whatโ€™s in the pay cheque or points plan


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We encourage all of our companies to seek feedback from their employees and implement great ideas where possible.

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No company should ignore their staffโ€™s feedback and suggestions, and no staff member should silence their ideas or innovations. No matter how big, small, outrageous or conventional an idea may be, thereโ€™s always an opportunity to turn it into a reality.

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A good leader can make or break a company. If they are a good leader, who treats people well and develops a great culture, then the business will thrive. If they are a selfish leader, who doesnโ€™t understand people, the company will crumble.

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The way you communicate can have a profound impact โ€“ you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. But most importantly, you have to create a culture where people can be their whole selves, can be creative, can grow and can have fun.

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Flexible working is smart working


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Article written by IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen, who is a happily exiled Chicago based Irishman and keynote speaker. Conor has a deep and abiding passion to help corporations and business entities improve employee retention by providing a better workplace environment and treating people with respect.
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