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In this article on Employee Engagement advice that will work, I provide two simple suggestions that have made substantial difference to client workplace culture and environment.
One of the constant comments I hear from employees when conducting employee engagement programs is that management never listens to us or asks for our opinion.
There are few better ways to demotivate your workforce than to show by word or deed that you do not value their opinion. The net result is often a very high employee turnover rate.
On the other hand, there are few better ways to motivate employees than by showing you do value their opinion and insights.
Over the years, I have been lucky to have a number of good managers / leaders. I also though think back on some “real beauts” that I had. By far, the least effective leader I ever reported to was a hard-driving, fast-talking executive who knew the answers to everything, without ever asking a question. And that proved to be disastrous for the business I was in at the time. It also highlighted a skill (or lack of it) that good leaders and managers have that will impact corporate culture and is one of the most impactful employee engagement tips that I can provide.
Encourage discussion and Interaction, specifically by asking two powerful questions on a consistent basis


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Employee Engagement Advice – Question I: “How is it Going?”

Truly, these are FOUR powerful words which if asked consistently and genuinely can have a dramatic impact on the culture of any business. Many managers fall into the trap of talking, talking, talking, pushing out words, words, words, without taking anything back from employees.
This is a particular issue when the work environment suggests regular (daily) huddles – often very short meetings – where after a period of time, the same things are simply repeated. The downside to this for employee engagement and interaction is that people stop listening and you may as well be wasting your breath on the desert air.
On the other hand, consider what happens when you ask the question, “How is it going?” In some workplace environments you may be greeted by silence, primarily because employees are not used to being asked their opinion. If you are greeted by silence, reach out to one of your team by name and specifically ask that person “How is it going?”
Once you get a response, accentuate the positive or at the very least appreciate the comments made. The idea is that when you ask the same question tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, your team / employees will feel more comfortable answering the question. Once this starts happening, you are well on the way to have regular conversation and interaction which is a major platform for good employee engagement. Because you are now visibly listening to comments from people on the front line, who now feel more appreciated, you will have a reduction in employee turnover.


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Question II: “What did we do well, yesterday?”

When it comes to Employee Engagement Advice that works, this is another truly powerful question. The logic behind “What did we do well yesterday?” is to allow employees to blow their own trumpet and for you to appreciate the efforts they have made.
Again, as with the first question, when asked initially, you may be greeted with silence. The solution here is to have an answer to “What did we do well yesterday?”  “Huh,” I hear you say!
If there is silence after asking the question, volunteer an answer highlighting something positive that you saw yesterday that contributes to productivity, customer service etc. When you do this, you are highly likely to get agreement, nodding heads from your team, who will appreciate the fact that they are being appreciated.
Let your team know that this is a question you will ask consistently. When you do ask it consistently, you will get more and more examples. As you get more and more examples of positive activities, results etc, you will see a substantial improvement in employee engagement and morale. Why? Because you are no longer taking your team for granted.
These are just two of the employee engagement ideas that will work which I provide during keynotes and consulting. Qualitative and quantitative results indicate that these questions have a substantial positive impact in building workplace culture and engagement.


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Article written by IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen, who is a happily exiled Chicago based Irishman and keynote speaker. Conor has a deep and abiding passion to help corporations and business entities improve employee retention by providing a better workplace environment and treating people with respect.
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