How Mark Twain used Today’s Evocative Word: LOFTY

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Written by Conor Cunneen

Published April 20, 2016
Funny Conference Speaker on Mark Twain

Original illustration by Mark Anderson exclusively for What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speakin’

How Mark Twain Used Today’s Evocative Word “LOFTY” to get ’em evocating!


“We went down the glen after supper. It is beautiful—a mixture of sylvan loveliness and craggy wildness. A limpid torrent goes whistling down the glen, and toward the foot of it winds through a narrow cleft between  LOFTY  precipices and hurls itself over a succession of falls.

After one passes the last of these he has a backward glimpse at the falls which is very pleasing—they rise in a seven-stepped stairway of foamy and glittering cascades, and make a picture which is as charming as it is unusual.”

Source: A Tramp Abroad (1880)


The Humorous Motivational Speaker Mark Twain Chalking it up

Original illustration by Mark Anderson for Conor’s book  – What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speakin’



Get more insights on the skills of a true genius in  What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speakin  which provides wit and wisdom on speech writing an speech-making. What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speakin’ also provides examples of success and failure from the great man. Lessons that will “learn* you” to craft better speeches and presentations.


“When I say I’ll learn (‘Teach’ is not in the river vocabulary) a man the river, I mean it. And you can depend on it, I’ll learn him or kill him.’  Life on the Mississippi – Mark Twain




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Mark Twain, long recognized as a wonderful author and humorist was possibly THE most successful professional speaker ever. He enthralled audiences from Berlin to Boston, from Montana to Melbourne with storytelling full of humor, pathos and humanity. He was regarded by many as an exceptional impromptu speaker, except he wasn’t! Twain worked diligently at his craft, researching, writing, rewriting and memorizing his material.

In this book, I showcase the words of Twain and his contemporaries via a unique MARK TWAIN acronym to highlight what Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speaking. The nine lessons provide a memorable and implementable framework for great speech making and presentation.

The MARK TWAIN acronym spells:

Message preparation


Relate to audience

Know your objective

Titter and humor

Wait (the Pause)



Narration and Stagecraft

What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speakin


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