"In thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you."

—Incentive Marketing Association

"Conor was awesome at our presentation. He provided a great presentation; provided great business tips with great humor and worked overtime to customize to our needs and and our audience. Fantastic and definitely worth having with us."


"We don't often invite speakers back for two years in a row...They gave you THE highest ratings of all the speakers."

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Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks

Substance with Humor to Improve People Performance & Productivity – with a smile! 


Micro-Goal #2 to a GREAT Workplace: Hear the words “Thank You”

Chicago Employee Engagement Speaker Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks



B-HAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

S-HAG = Small HIGHLY Achievable Goal (also referred to as a Micro-Goal)


Your B-HAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to create a great workplace with engaged employees and world class productivity.

As I have indicated previously, these things don’t happen just because you want them to happen. That B-HAG will only occur (if at all) through the implementation of S-HAGs (Small Highly Achievable Goals.)

The idea behind S-HAGs or Micro-Goals is that deliberate daily implementation of them will change your work environment and your relationship with colleagues. These goals appear almost simplistic. The irony is that very few of us regularly implement and achieve them.

Let’s have a look at Micro-Goal #2 to a GREAT workplace. 

HEAR the words “Thank You” every day from your work colleagues


This Micro-Goal is to HEAR the words “Thank You” each day. “Huh?” I hear you say!

My challenge to you is to go into work tomorrow with the deliberate intention to HEAR “Thank You.”

Quite likely, a few times today, someone said “Thank You” to you, but it probably went over your head and you paid little heed to it.

However, if you set yourself a Micro-Goal to HEAR “Thank You,” what will happen?

  1. You will have to do something to generate “Thank You.”

  2. In generating “Thank You,” you are obviously helping a work colleague in at least some slight way.

  3. When you HEAR “Thank You,” you are going to feel slightly better about yourself because you have achieved a goal.

  4. Now, that you feel good because of satisfying a Small Highly Achievable Goal, you are quite likely to be motivated to deliberately do something else to again HEAR “Thank You.”

  5.  All those work colleagues that you helped are going to appreciate you more.

  6. You are creating a better work environment and likely a more engaged workforce.

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Motivational Employee Engagement Speaker Chicago

Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks

PHONE Conor at 630 718 1643 to discuss how he can help you Improve People, Performance and Productivity – with a smile!

Substance with Humor to:

Improve People Performance & Productivity – with a smile!


Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks is an Irish keynote speaker, author and business humorist who claims to be happily exiled in Chicago, where he says the natives are friendly and he has been force fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland. This Chicago based Motivational , Funny, Employee Engagement will leave your team with a smile on the face, a spring in the step AND memorable takeaways to improve the work place.

“Fabulous, Compelling, Entertaining and Memorable.”

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“In my close to thirty years of association work,

I have NEVER seen a speaker as well received as you.”

Incentive Marketing Association

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