Your Behavior Creates Your Brand

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Written by Conor Cunneen

Published January 22, 2015

For many people, the tangible differences between the product they sell and what competitors sell is either marginal or non-existent. The purchase decision depends on what customers THINK of the product – in other words what they consider the brand image to be. Your success in business and whether people want to work with you is also determined by your brand image.

People do business with people is clichéd, but true. It is also true that your behavior creates your brand: that your behavior determines what people say about you, and what people say about you IS your brand.

So, the question is; “What is your (personal) brand?” “What do your customers and clients say about you and your business?” Once upon a time, I was surprised that people did not have a clear idea what they wanted their customers to say about their business, product or service. In other words, they gave very little thought to their brand image, which potentially creates a problem. If you are not clear what you want your customers to say, it is going to be difficult to create the optimal experience.

Three Words to a Better Brand

One very simple exercise to clarify your brand image is to write on the back of your business card the three words you would like clients / work colleagues say about you after you have left the room.

In effect, you are writing your Brand Promise. Place that business card in with your driver’s license or credit cards, so the next time you take your credit card or license out, you will see those three words. Then, ask yourself “Would any of my clients / work colleagues use any of those three words to describe my behavior?” Those three words provide a simple Brand Promise, but a Brand Promise is useless unless implemented. The business card exercise is simple but truly effective. I have had numerous clients show me their dog eared business card months after presenting this concept. Those clients understand:

Your Behavior creates your Brand

Your Behavior determines what people say about you

What people say about you IS your Brand.

So what is your Brand?


Afterthought from your blogging Irishman!

As a humorous, motivational speaker to Sales, Marketing, Leadership conferences as well as Healthcare, Nursing and Oncology, I am often asked following my presentations “Conor, what is your Brand?”

I respond that my Brand Promise is E4: Energize, Educate, Entertain and Easy to work with. I strive to ensure that is what clients say after I have left the room.


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