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Working as a Professional, Humorous, Virtual Meeting Facilitator Moderator, Master of Ceremonies, Emcee (whatever you like to call it) takes effort and planning.

In my previous post, I provided 10 tips for virtual emcee / moderator work. Here we go with another set of tips to help you become a successful professional virtual master of ceremonies / emcee / host / moderator. 

10 More Tips for Virtual Meeting Facilitator Moderator

1) Work to a script. I don’t care how practiced you are as a Virtual Meeting Facilitator /master of ceremonies – virtual or on-site – winging it is not a professional practice. In working to a script, I don’t mean you have to have every word written in front of you, but at the very least, KNOW what you are going to say, when you are going to say it and how long each of your segments will be 

2) Rehearse. If you think, you don’t need to, I can’t help you. If you are working with any major event, the client will expect you to rehearse your role as Virtual Meeting Facilitator.

3) Collaborate with producers and tech support. Whether it is zoom, onsite, Microsoft Teams or other, I always introduce myself to A/V and producers and let them know, my success depends on them and a good working relationship. I want them to know, I am an easy guy to work with while ensuring professional standards for my emcee work 

4) Have numerous fill in stories / anecdotes available. This becomes easier as you get more experienced. You may not use any of these anecdotes but the professional virtual master of ceremonies will have a reservoir of content to dig into when and if needed. 

5) Research the client, location, date – anything that may bring an added level of personalization and customization to your virtual emcee work 

6) In researching the client, understand the culture / mood of the event. Can you for instance make fun of or gently roast the CEO / guests of honor / presenters. 

7) Build your content and script around the theme for the event. 

8) Put your phone on silent, but don’t turn off. Huh! Yup, the idea here is if the speaker / presenter says something interesting that you would like to comment on, get on the Googler and see if you can find out some more information on that point. Then, miraculously, when summarizing the speakers points, you might add in one other fascinating insight to reinforce the speaker’s comment and everyone then thinks you are a genius! 

9) Do not make political commentary unless of course you are presenting to a GOP or Democratic event or one with clear political leanings 

10) Event summary. As a professional engaging Virtual Meeting Facilitator, Moderator, you will have prepared a good, clear, well scripted sign off, thanking all speakers / sponsors / client etc. Provide any appropriate information about upcoming events. Keep it brief. 

The tips outlined above, together with what I wrote about in the previous post will provide a great platform for you to ensure that your client says you are a professional, humorous, engaging emcee and master of ceremonies who helped the event to flow. And hopefully, you will hear the magic words – “We will hire you for our next event where we are seeking a professional and engaging emcee and master of ceremonies.” 

IrishmanSpeaks! Your Virtual Meeting Facilitator Moderator

As I said at top of this page, working as a Professional, Humorous, Virtual Meeting Facilitator Moderator, Master of Ceremonies, Emcee (whatever you like to call it) takes effort and planning. I LOVE doing Moderator / Emcee work. It is time consuming and takes a lot of research to do it properly. For me it is a  joy, developing the script – either on my own or with client – and there is nothing better than the buzz I feel when event is over and I know I have contributed to ensure a smooth online event which the client is happy about.

IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen is an acclaimed virtual meeting facilitator moderator whose mission to leave his client with smile on the face, a spring in the step and the knowledge they picked a truly professional virtual master of ceremonies and host.

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