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Humorous Motivational Cancer Survivor Speaker, Irishman Conor Cunneen is based in Chicago

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“Having had a prostatectomy and a thyroidectomy, I now have a unique Irish condition known as ‘there’s not much left-o-me.’ ”

Humorous Motivational Cancer Survivor Speaker

What the heck is he wearing? Prostate and  Thyroid cancer survivor speaker, Conor Cunneen often presents in the Monty Python pajamas, he purchased for his prostatectomy surgery. Pajamas bearing the legend ‘It’s Just a Flesh Wound!”


DUAL CANCER SURVIVOR Speaker, IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen says:

“Having had a prostatectomy and a thyroidectomy, I now have a unique Irish condition called ‘there’s not much left-o-me.’ “

Laugh with Cancer Survivor Speaker Conor Cunneen on Choosing your Attitude

Laugh as this two-time cancer survivor speaker (Prostate and Thyroid) speaks on Medical Records!

IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen –  is a Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year!

CONTACT Conor who has survived Thyroid Cancer and Prostate Cancer. “I’m not going for the hat-trick,” he says!


PHONE Conor at 630 718 1643

LAUGH at Medical Records with Prostate Cancer Speaker Conor Cunneen


Humor in the Healthcare Workplace with Inspirational Funny Speaker Conor Cunneen


“As the person who coordinates all of our speakers year after year, I want to tell you that you offered a very welcome breath of fresh air in booking and executing our keynote speech. Getting information from you was easy, you followed through on your commitments every time and you were an inspiration to our audience”


“Our objective was a substantive business message but with an injection of humor. Conor hit the perfect balance to ensure a lasting memory”


PHONE Conor at 630 718 1643

Keynote Speaker Cancer / Oncology / Healthcare Speaker (Sample Intro – 158 words)

Conor Cunneen is an Irishman happily exiled in Naperville where he says the natives are friendly, the Guinness is good and he has been force-fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland.

This motivational Irish healthcare speaker has a humorous outlook on life. A two-time cancer survivor (note, he says two-time, NOT two-timing) he has experienced the trauma of hearing, “You have thyroid cancer” and “You have prostate cancer.”  When you this speaker’s response to two cancer episodes “Having had  thyroidectomy and a prostatectomy, I now have a unique Irish condition known as ‘There’s not much left-o-me,’ you will appreciate that he is the perfect humorous, motivational speaker for cancer and oncology events, National Cancer Survivors Day and any event where you wish to appreciate cancer survivors and caregivers.

Prior to realizing his dream as a keynote speaker for healthcare and other industries, he was Foodservice VP Marketing Unilever and has worked in Ireland, UK and USA.

Please welcome a man who went into hospital for prostate surgery with a newly purchased pair of Monty Python pajamas, bearing the legend “It’s only a flesh wound.”


 Conor Cunneen is a two-time cancer survivor and a Healthcare Speaker with a brogue!

Cancer is not funny, but this Chicago based Irish keynote speaker (healthcare, cancer, oncology) has developed an inspirational, fun-packed keynote speech about his cancer experience. It is probably only a man from County Cork, Ireland (and with the brogue to prove it) who could develop a keynote titled “It’s Just a Flesh Wound” about the experience of prostate cancer. See PR release from this humorous and motivational healthcare speaker who finds humor in most situations.

Prostate cancer survivor and speaker Conor Cunneen on his experience: “There are a number of treatment options available ranging from radiation to prostatectomy, in other words the removal of the prostate,” he says in his light lyrical brogue.

Prostate cancer develops slowly (normally) which gave this inspirational humorous healthcare speaker (on cancer, marketing, pharma) time to consider his options.
“I did a lot of research on the topic, spoke to a lot of people and ultimately opted for the prostatectomy. My information systems, i.e., my wife, advised I had to purchase new pajamas for the hospital, so that is why I entered Northwestern Memorial Hospital with pajamas bearing the Monty Python legend ‘It’s Just a Flesh Wound.’ I’ve been blessed with a great attitude and I believe every cloud does have a silver lining. As a result, I created a keynote of the same title. It is perfect for all conferences and events where an uplifting feel-good message is appropriate, which is basically everywhere.”

This was Irish healthcare speaker Cunneen’s second bout with cancer. “I had thyroid cancer some years ago when living back in Ireland. The whipped that out as well. I tell my audiences when I keynote that having had a prostatectomy and a thyroidectomy, I now have a unique Irish condition called ‘there’s not much left-o-me.'”
This ebullient Irishman’s communication style has been likened to an “Irish Dilbert,” and “James Joyce meets Tom Peters.”

His keynotes combine business experienced garnered in Ireland, UK and USA with a truly impish sense of humor. “As a keynote speaker and business humorist, I endeavor to provide Substance with Humor. I often develop purely humorous business material which I can then weave into serious business messages. That is when it becomes a real win-win.”

One of Conor’s proudest moments was when he won the coveted Chicago Toastmasters Humorous Speaker of the Year award for a speech on customer service in San Quentin jail. “That was a blast and a great career catalyst also. Since then I have spoken internationally in places as diverse as Helsinki, Madrid, London, Malaga and Glasgow.”



Conor is available to present as Keynote Speaker for your National Cancer Survivors Day where he will Energize, Educate and Entertain your audience on how he won his battle with prostate cancer and thyroid cancer.

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