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Things Bosses do to Drive Administrative Assistants Mad surveyed a number of Executive/Administrative Assistants and asked what annoyed them about their bosses. Some of the comments will make you smile, some might incite PTSD.

  1. Lack of Consistency in how they want work done.
  2. Part-time babysitter! Yup, the boss brings the kids into work
  3. Don’t take it out on me! The boss needs to vent at someone and, hey, who could be easier than  the ever present admin.
  4. I need it now! This despite the fact that the boss has had the past week to get the task completed!
  5. Double-check everything! Is there anything worse than a micro-manager?
  6. Lack of appreciation. This is not just a comment related to Admins. In general, we do not complement our colleagues, workmates and family enough. See Micro-Goal #1 to a Great Workplace. 

Administrative Professionals Week Speaker – Fun Video on Choosing Your Attitude

Conor Cunneen is a Chicago-based Keynote Speaker providing Substance with Humor to:


People Performance & Productivity – with a smile!

Testimonials for Conor Cunneen

Motivational Humorous Speaker Administrative Professionals 

“Conor, the evaluations for your program on the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) were fabulous.

Here are just some of the comments.
• Wonderful. Would recommend to anyone.
• The whole world should go through it to learn how to be a better person.
• Loved the potted plant story – brought tears to my eyes.
• He was great
• In depth look into myself instead of looking at others
• Positive, funny and impactful. I can relate to the stories


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What Administrative Professionals (and others) Can Learn from Leprechauns!


More Testimonials for Conor as an Inspirational Funny Speaker for Administrative Professionals

* Humorous approach to often times difficult situations
• Great Presentation. Loved all of it.
• Lively presenter. Add humor to sensitive topics
• The content of the presentation and Conor’s stories – They were great.
• He was full of energy and had wonderful stories
• Thought-provoking. Fun with great information
• Great Stories to relate to everyday life

Administrative Professionals Week History.

“National Secretaries Week” was first held June 1–7 in 1952.

Key players in developing the concept of “Secretary” appreciation were Mary Barrett, President of National Secretaries Association, President of Dictaphone Corporation, C. King Woodbridge, and public relations account executives at Young & Rubicam, Harry F. Klemfuss and Daren Ball.

The week went through a number of iterations and since 2000 has been known as Administrative Professionals Week.

Speaker Administrative Professionals Week – Chicago-based Irishman Conor Cunneen

Chicago based inspirational humorous speaker

Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks

Conor Cunneen is a Chicago based keynote speaker and award winning humorist who gets a real buzz when booked as a speaker for administrative professionals week. Audiences love Conor’s impish presentation style, the wonderful, evocative and humorous stories he tells and above all as a motivational, humorous speaker, Conor gets a real buzz seeing a room full of stress-out, overworked administrative assistants laughing, learning and feeling appreciated.

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Who Was St. Patrick? Why is Shamrock Important to Irish?

Who Was St. Patrick? Why is Shamrock Important to Irish?

It is a question that is often asked – Who was St. Patrick?  In this short video clip, IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen showcases a little piece from his book For the Love of Being Irish which will answer the question. Enjoy.


Who was St. Patrick?
He’s our patron saint
Which is really quite quaint
He brought Ireland the faith
He made us holy and great
But Irish? St Patrick? He ain’t!

St. Patrick’s first visit to Ireland did not exactly evoke images of “Ireland of the Welcomes.” Captured by marauding Irish warriors, the Welsh or Scottish born 16 year old spent about 6 years in Ireland as a slave. After his escape, precipitated by a voice from God telling him to leave, he became a priest.

Patrick then returned to Ireland bringing the Catholic faith. Legend has it he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Well, the ones that crawl anyway!

St. Patrick and the Shamrock

Another legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity and how three could be one. To the native born Irish, the shamrock is a three leafed item. Technically it is a clover, but in our  thinking a four leaf clover is NOT a shamrock and it drives us nuts when the two are mixed up.

Today the shamrock is probably the fastest way for the stranger to appreciate an Irish association. You will find the shamrock adorning Aer Lingus planes, Glasgow Celtic jerseys and the windows of Irish pubs from Maine to Madrid.

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Hope this helps you in a very concise manner to answer – Who was St. Patrick?







Who was st. patrick was st. patrick irish

This wonderful illustration of St. Patrick by Mark Anderson appears in For the Love of Being Irish by IrishmanSpeaks – Conor Cunneen. Get your autographed copy today


Learn more about IrishmanSpeaks – Conor Cunneen 

Conor Cunneen is an Irishman, happily exiled in Chicago where he says -mischievously – that the Guinness is good, the natives are friendly and he has been force fed more corned beef and green beer than he ever had in Ireland!

As an Irish immigrant, he is a very proud recipient of the President’s Gold Medal for Volunteer Service for the work he does with job seekers.

He is proud dad to John and Amy and a loving irritant to his long suffering wife, Pat, whom his sister-in-law states will be canonized the moment she leaves this planet!

He is also an in-demand keynote speaker, facilitator, author, consultant, award winning humorist and master of ceremonies to associations, corporations and healthcare.

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Micro-Goal # 3 to a GREAT Workplace: USE POSITIVE WORDS


B-HAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goal. 

S-HAG = Small HIGHLY Achievable Goal (a Micro-Goal)


Creating a Great Workplace

As referenced in previous posts, the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (B-HAG) is to create a Great Workplace, one that is welcoming, supportive, challenging and one that has colleagues saying “I like working there.”

Achieving a B-HAG normally requires Micro-Goals. These are Small Highly Achievable Goals (S-HAGs) which if completed on a regular basis WILL help you create that better workplace.


“A small task, if it be really daily, will beat the labors of a spasmodic Hercules.” Anthony Trollope


How often do you use Positive Words?

I have previously written about the power of a complement (Micro-Goal #1). In a similar vein, I encourage clients and my audience to use positive words in conversation with colleagues and clients, your spouse or kids.

Words count, So are you?

Amazingly Awesome,

Brilliant and Bubbly,

Cute and Cuddly,

Dazzling, Delightful, Delicious, Debonair,

Ecstatic, Exquisite and Energizing,

Friendly, Fresh, Fragrant, Flourishing

Gloriously Giggling, Gorgeously Graceful, Gentle, Glowing and Generous

(more below!)

Frederick Douglass: “Whatever constantly occupies your thoughts will magnify in your mind.”


You don’t need research by Positive Psychology gurus like Barbara Fredrickson to know that it is much more fun being around positive people than some Moaning Minnies. The same applies to your work colleagues. How do they see you? Do you change the vibe in a room, positively or negatively?

Everyone has down days. Everyone complains from time to time. That’s life. The challenge is to understand the balance between positive and negative phrases in your vocabulary.

You know positive words lift people.

You know positive words make you feel better.

You know work colleagues will respond better to someone who uses positive words and is complementary.

Ask yourself: “How often do I use positive words?”

Ask yourself “Have I used any of the following words (or similar) in conversation today?”







Buoyant (love that word)






I promise you, the results will be BRILLIANT! 

and more positive words below!

Micro-Goal (S-HAG) #1: Complement Your Work Colleagues

Motivational Employee Engagement Speaker Chicago

Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks

PHONE Conor at 630 718 1643 to discuss how he can help you Improve People, Performance and Productivity – with a smile!

See Micro-Goal #2 to a Great Workplace: HEAR the words “THANK YOU”


Substance with Humor to:

Improve People Performance & Productivity – with a smile!

Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks is an Irish keynote speaker, author and business humorist who claims to be happily exiled in Chicago, where he says the natives are friendly and he has been force fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland

“Fabulous, Compelling, Entertaining and Memorable.”

SITE Annual Conference, Malaga Spain

“In my close to thirty years of association work,

I have NEVER seen a speaker as well received as you.”

Incentive Marketing Association

WATCH: Conor on his YouTube channel – IrishmanSpeaks


Heartwarming, Heavenly, Healthy and Happy

Inspiring, Invigorating and Irresistible

Jovial, Joyful, Joyous and Jolly

Keen, Kindhearted, Kindly

Loving, Lovely, Lucky – Luminous

Motivating, Memorable, Matchless

Nice, New, Nourishing

Opulent, Outrageous, Outstanding and Original

Peaceful, Perfect, Pleasing and Placid. Precious, Productive, Pleasant , Polite, Positive and Passionate


Radiant, Ravishing, Rapturous, Remarkable

Seductive, Satisfying, Sexy, Slick, Smooth and Soft


Unrivalled, Unsurpassed. Unbeatable?

Vivacious, Vital, Vibrant, Vigorous

Warm, Wise, Wonderful – WOW

Xcellent, Xtraordinary, Xemplar

Are you Zealously Zipping with Zesty Zing and Zeal


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The Blarney Stone, Bart Simpson and the Rolling Stones!

Illustrated, Humorous Coffee Table Book about Ireland and Irish History.
Signed by author Conor Cunneen.

Best Irish Books and Gifts for Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick





Oscar Wilde and more in one fun illustrated book



Below are some of the many wonderful images in For the Love of Being Irish written by Chicago based motivational humorous business speaker Conor Cunneen and wonderfully illustrated by Mark Anderson


fun Irish books

Order your copy of For the Love of Being Irish  and I will personally sign your book.
– Conor Cunneen

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Order your copy of For the Love of Being Irish  and I will personally sign your book.
– Conor Cunneen

Only $19.95 (FREE Shipping)

 Thanks for your purchase – Cheers!

Written by Chicago humorous motivational business speaker and award winning humorist Conor Cunneen and illustrated by the wonderful Mark Anderson, For the Love of Being Irish is a beautifully illustrated book providing an A-Z of Ireland, This is a book that will have you Laughing and Learning through lyrical limericks, powerful prose and Imaginative Illustrations. Here you will see, read and feel all the emotions of a tiny country that has taken the world by storm. You will read humor, horror, history. You will laugh, maybe even shed a tear in a wonderful book that showcases all the emotions of Ireland and you will be raise a glass that you can say (or wish to be) For the Love of Being Irish

Laugh and Learn with For the Love of Being Irish Author Conor Cunneen speaking at Harley-Davidson

St Patricks Day Gifts