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How Mark Twain Used Today’s Evocative Word – BRAWN  to get ’em evocatin’


Original illustration by Mark Anderson for Conor’s book – What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout public Speakin’

“What an uprising it was! We did not have to supplicate for soldiers on either side. “We are coming, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand strong!” That was the music North and South. The very choicest young blood and    BRAWN    and brain rose up from Maine to the Gulf and flocked to the standards–just as men always do when in their eyes their cause is great and fine and their hearts are in it; just as men flocked to the Crusades, sacrificing all they possessed to the cause, and entering cheerfully upon hardships which we cannot even imagine in this age, and upon toilsome and wasting journeys which in our time would be the equivalent of circumnavigating the globe five times over.

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Published in   What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speakin’  by Conor Cunneen.

Chapter IV – Know your Objective

Original SOURCE: Mark Twain Speeches: Lincoln Birthday Celebration


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