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How Mark Twain Used Today’s Evocative Word – REFORMED  to get ’em evocatin’

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Original illustration by Mark Anderson for Conor’s book – What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout public Speakin’


“Stanley apparently carried a book of mine feloniously away to Africa, and I have not a doubt that it had a noble and uplifting influence there in the wilds of Africa—because on his previous journeys he never carried anything to read except Shakespeare and the Bible. I did not know of that circumstance. I did not know that he had carried a book of mine. I only noticed that when he came back he was a    REFORMED    man.

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Published in   What Mark Twain Learned Me ’bout Public Speakin’  by Conor Cunneen. Chapter V – Titter, Humor and Laughter

Original SOURCE: Mark Twain Speeches: The Savage Club Dinner


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