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Conor Cunneen is IrishmanSpeaks

Chicago-based Motivational keynote Speaker / Humorist / Professional Emcee

Hi, that’s me up there walking the land!  I’ve been working on my Chicago accent for over twenty years and failing miserably.

My mission as a motivational, humorous keynote speaker and consultant is to leave my audience and client with

a Smile on the face,

a Spring in the step and

memorable actionable takeaways.

Actionable takeaways to improve employee engagement, the customer / client experience and create a better workplace.

"In thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you."

—Incentive Marketing Association

"Conor was awesome at our presentation. He provided a great presentation; provided great business tips with great humor and worked overtime to customize to our needs and and our audience. Fantastic and definitely worth having with us."


"We don't often invite speakers back for two years in a row...They gave you THE highest ratings of all the speakers."

—Centaur Conferences, UK

Motivational Employee Engagement Speaker

“Conor held sessions at all levels of the organization with follow up in meetings, in daily interactions, etc.  The results were amazing.  Team members, leaders, and leads all embraced Conor’s principals and practice them daily.   The benefits became obvious as retention increased by 15-20%,  productivity increased as well in several categories.  This was a game changer.” 

Land O’Frost

"Thanks again for a wonderful kick-off to our conference. You brought energy, enthusiasm, humor, and a great message around the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) for our team. I sincerely appreciate how much you customized the presentation to our company and our situation. ."

— Do It Best Hardware

" Fantastic speaker on the Gift of GAB – much appreciated and taken to heart to be used when times can be difficult at home and at work. Thank you. I wish more of our staff nurses could experience it. We will have to take the message back."

— Edward Elmhust Hospital

"Conor, you outdid yourself! The first time you spoke at one of our association meetings, you got a great response from our members. Believe it or not, your reviews this time were even better! You were the highlight of this year's Annual Meeting and we will certainly call on you again to share you insights and sense of humor with our members. Thanks so much!"

— Chemical Coaters International Association

Humorous Motivational Cancer Survivorship Speaker

As a two-time cancer survivor (prostate & thyroid) I give thanks every day to the wonderful nurses, doctors, caregivers and my darling wife who helped me through my survivorship journey. There is nothing I enjoy more as a speaker to cancer survivorship celebrations than to leave fellow survivors with a smile on the face and a spring in the step.

Professional Master of Ceremonies

“Thanks again for your fabulous MC skills!  I was very happy with the program and am so thankful and appreciative of your skills and attention to the details as well.  And – thank you for the balance of humor you added to the program. ” 

American Express

Inspirational & Humorous Leadership Speaker

“Conor, in 30 years of Association work,
I have never seen a speaker as well received as you.”

— Incentive Marketing Association

Who is IrishmanSpeaks - Conor Cunneen?

Conor Cunneen is an Irishman, happily exiled in Chicago where he says the people are friendly, the winters are chilly and he has been force fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland. He is a thoroughly entertaining, engaging and funny inspirational Keynote Speaker, Emcee / Master of Ceremonies whose MISSION is to leave audiences with a SMILE on the face, a SPRING in the step and memorable, actionable takeaways to improve the workplace and the home place.

Conor is a multiple author who has worked in Ireland, UK and USA. Conor is a Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year. He is a very proud recipient of the Presidents Gold Medal for Volunteer Service for the work he does with those in job search.

He is a Metallica fan!

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